Background InformationEdit

Saphira is the first of Galbotorix's three eggs to hatch. Brom and his friend Joed were sent on a mission to steal it using a secret entrance that Joed found. While searching for the egg, they were split up and Joed escaped while Brom stumbled across an egg. There must have been soldiers coming behind because he wasn't able to steal any of the other two. He scarecly escaped and Joed thought that he died for a long time. Meanwhile, Brom had sent a messenger to bring the egg back to the Varden. That messenger never reached the Varden. For some reason, the messenger went missing and Brom had to go after it. He wasn't alone.

Word of the messeger had reached Morzan, the last of Galbotorix' Forsworn. Morzan and Brom were blood enemies that eventually would meet and one would rise to the top. Brom won and took Morzan's sword Za'roc and fled to continue looking for the egg. Finally he found the messenger and retrieved it and returned to the Varden. After that there was an arguement between the elves and the Varden of who the egg would stay with. An elf named Arya stepped forward and proclaimed that why not have someone carry it from the Varden to Du Weldenvarden where children would see if it would hatch for them. They agreed to this and also said that the elves would immediately take the young Rider into training. It was a lopsided agreement, but all the same it worked. Arya was to be the courier and had two guards. For years the egg was couried between the Varden and the elves. But, word somehow spread to Galbotorix who sent a shade named Durza to fetch it back.

Durza took a dozen or so of Urgals to ambush the three elves. Just when they were about to ride right through the ambush, the elves, horses cought sent of the Urgals and tried to flee. But they were too late, the Urgals attacked and Arya's two companions died. In an effort to save the egg, Arya used magic to try and transport the egg to Brom who was in Carvahall, but instead it appeared to Eragon. Saphira eventually hatched, causing Galbotorix to send his dragon hunters, the dreaded Ra'zaac.